Bitauth IDE Now Supports Active Code Path Highlighting

Bitauth IDE now fades out code paths which are not evaluated by the active script, improving the readability of complex evaluations.

When developing bitcoin authentication schemes, locking scripts are often designed to support different code paths for different situations. Bitauth IDE now automatically fades out code paths which are not evaluated by the active unlocking script. This reduces visual noise, improving readability for complex evaluations.

In a 2-of-2 Recoverable Vault, code path highlighting makes it easy to visualize which locking script operations are part of the code path used by the Standard Spend unlocking script.

Bitauth IDE evaluates active scripts live, displaying the state of the stack after each line in the script (“omniscient debugging”). By mapping the script source to evaluation results, Bitauth IDE provides contextual styling in both the editor and the stack viewer.

Most of the operations in a 2-of-2 Recoverable Vault are used by the Recover — Signer 1 unlocking script.

To get started developing bitcoin authentication schemes, check out the built-in Bitauth IDE Guide. If you have questions or feedback on the editor, please join Bitauth IDE on Telegram.

To contribute to the open source project, please see Bitauth IDE on GitHub.