Image of Jason Dreyzehner, A.K.A bitjson

Jason Dreyzehner (dɹaɪːznər) is a software developer focused on pro-freedom technologies: peer-to-peer money, communication, and identity.

Jason is currently at Bitauth.com. His open source work includes Libauth, Chaingraph, Bitauth, Bitauth IDE, OpenTokenRegistry, CashTokens.org, Jedex, qr-code, typescript-starter, and several past upgrades and proposed standards for Bitcoin Cash: CashTokens, BCMRs, ZCEs, Expanded VM Numbers, Introspection, CashChannels, VM Limits, BCH PayPro, Bounded Loops, and AllowReplay.

Jason previously led the design team at BitPay (2013 to 2019), where his open source work included BitPay wallet, Bitcore, Insight, and cordova-plugin-qrscanner.

Beyond this blog, Jason occasionally posts on Bitcoin Cash Research, under bitjson on Reddit, and @bitjson on Twitter.